5 Tips to Keep Your Tarmac Driveway in the Best Shape

27 Apr 2021

Installing a new tarmac driveway on your Dartford property is one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Now, when you have realized your dream of a beautiful driveway, you should also know how to maintain it so that your driveway looks brand new for a long time and lasts even longer. In short, find a way to preserve its beauty. But how are you supposed to maintain your tarmac driveway the best way? We are sharing this guide to help you in this direction.

  1. Don’t use the driveway until it dries completely

This tip applies only to those homeowners who have just surfaced their new driveway. It is important to let the driveway dry entirely before using it. To keep your driveway in the best condition, it is highly recommended to not drive on it for at least three to five days.

The first fourteen days are crucial as the driveway is most vulnerable during this period. So, you should wait up to fourteen days before you start parking your vehicles on it. When you do, park your car on the driveway only during the cool part of the day.  

  1. Clean your tarmac driveway regularly

Like with any driveway surface, spillage of chemicals and oils should be cleaned up so that the tarmac doesn’t get damaged. If oil is spilt, you should soak it up before trying to clean it using materials, such as sand and sawdust.

Simply use water to clean your tarmac driveway. While pressure washers can help remove stains, make sure that you use only a low-pressure water stream. Otherwise, you will break apart the tarmac surface. During normal weather when there is no need to cool it down, you can simply sweep off any debris to clean it.

  1. Keep an eye on it as weather changes

Even though tarmac is a highly durable surface and can endure a lot, it is still prone to weather damage. When temperatures get too high during summer, the heat from the sun can soften the tarmac surface. Meaning, at that time, it is prone to further damage from heavy vehicles. To ensure that your Dartford tarmac driveway remains protected, spray cool water on the driveway when you can so that it gets the chance to harden and becomes less prone to damage.

  1. Apply the tarmac sealer

Tarmac sealer and restorer are effective ways to protect your tarmac and keep it in good condition for long. The tarmac restorer helps create a protective layer on the top of the existing tarmac surface and make it tough and durable. It will help you make your tarmac driveway not only appealing but also weatherproof. Plus, it will also discourage the growth of weeds and plants.

  1. Avoid turning the wheels on the driveway

Scuff marks can be easily noticed on tarmac surfaces. They make your driveway look ugly and old. So, you should avoid turning your car wheels (when remaining stationary) to prevent scuff marks. By doing so, you will not only preserve the appeal of your driveway but also protect your wheels from any damage.

Following these tips will help you keep your tarmac driveway in the best shape. If you haven’t installed a tarmac driveway but planning to do so, make sure that you hire only a reputable Dartford tarmac service provider who is known for using the best quality material and delivering the best service in your area.