Be Mindful And Ask The Below-mentioned Questions To Your Driveway Contractor!!

Be Mindful And Ask The Below-mentioned Questions To Your Driveway Contractor!!

15 Aug 2021

Hey, are you looking to enhance the aesthetic curb outside your home? Have you ever wondered about getting a resin driveway done? If yes, then you might have gotten perplexed by the pool of information available over the internet. There are plenty of things to take in, and because it is not as easy as, let’s say- a tarmac driveway! Moreover, it is hard to analyze which information is authentic or which is not. So, how will you take an informed decision prior to you invest your hard-earned moolahs? Do not get stressed! We have got you covered! 

Enlisted underneath is a series of questions that you must consider before choosing resin-bound for driveways in Dartford

  1. Why should I select a resin-bound solution for driveways?

The resin-bound solution is apt for pulling off a driveway, as it provides an attractive and stylish finish. In addition to this resin- bound is one of the most convenient, low maintenance, and highly durable options for driveways, patios, balconies, pool surrounds, and footpaths. So, it would be wise to go with a resin-bound solution for constructing driveways. 

  1. What materials are utilized in resin-bound solutions?

When it comes to the material used in resin-bound solutions, there are made from a mix of top-notch quality aggregates coated with clear UV-stable polyurethane resin. The aggregate is finished to a smooth, porous surface which reduces puddles as well.

  1. Is it necessary to get planning permission to get a resin driveway installed?

Not at all! Unlike any other water-resistant solution, residential property owners do not require to take any extra planning permission for installing a new resin driveway. The porous properties of resin-bound technology mean that the resin mix is compliant with SUDS legislation. This legislation came in force to shield extra water build-up and potential flooding scenarios in locations that have restricted drainage. If you choose us for resin-bound driveways, we ensure you offer the best reliable solution.

  1. How long do resin-bound driveways last?

Generally speaking, the resin-bound solution can last for more than 25 years. Plenty of professional contractors also offer 20 years of guarantee against loose stone, cracking, oil damage, UV degradation, color change, frost damage, and workmanship. So, before you make your decision, make sure to ask about a guarantee with your potential resin driveway contractor in Dartford! 

  1. Is it okay to drive on the resin driveway?

Yes, it is! Surfaces that are made from resin-bound are exceptionally strong and durable and are well capable of bearing all traffic weight including heavy vehicles such as buses and Lorries

  1. Are resin-bound driveways easy to look after and maintain?

A big fat yes! Resin-bound solutions are amongst the low-maintenance option available for outside areas. Moreover, the resin is easy to clean. In the case of dirt, grime, and moss, these can be removed using a stiff brush and a hose.

For further assistance, or you have any doubt, please get in touch with our experts.