Build A Raised Patio In A Few Easy Steps!

Build A Raised Patio In A Few Easy Steps!

23 Apr 2021

Do you want the exterior part of your house to be just as attractive and aesthetic as the interior? Having a nice patio is known to be a good start in order to make your garden or outer space more appealing and enjoyable.

If you spend enough of your time and energy designing a patio carefully, you are bound to have a beautiful yet functional area outside your house. Raised patios, in particular, tend to be an ideal solution due to their affordability, low maintenance, and flexibility. Designing a raised patio with the help of a patio installation service provider would fulfill your requirements in the best ways.

You might think of it as an extremely difficult and daunting task, but the truth is that it is worth the effort. Moreover, building a raised patio is similar to building any other patio. All it needs is an additional step that is to build a retaining wall. Building a raised patio does not require any expertise, to begin with. If you have the average physical strength and decent enough DIY skills, you are likely to pull it off all by yourself. The following are a few steps that you must take in order to build a raised patio on your own.

  • Mark the floor area:
    For one of the first steps, you must get a hold of a measuring tape and mark the area. This would help you to determine the number of materials you are going to need for the project.
  • Height of the patio:
    Usually, most homeowners want to raise the level of the patio to the level of the house floor. However, you can set the height of the patio as per your preference. Once you have determined the height of the patio you want to install, it would be easier for you to calculate the number of bricks required for the task.
  • Dig a trench:
    Since you are required to build a retaining wall, you must dig a trench until you reach the required depth. You must ensure that the depth is sufficient enough to support your retaining wall.
  • Level the bottom of the trench:
    You can level the bottom of the trench that you just dug with the help of lumber or a piece of wood. Make sure that you make it as firm and compact as possible.
  • Retaining wall:
    This is arguably the most important step of designing or installing a raised patio in your garden. The strength and stability of your patio should be your top priority for installing higher retaining walls.
  • Prepare the base:
    For making the surface compact and concrete, you can use a heavy plate compactor and try to make a firm base for your patio.
  • Final touches:
    After you are finished, you should pour some sand on top of the pavers as sweeping that sand would help you to fill the gaps.

There you go, now you know how easy it is to build a raised patio. If you are still unsure about this, you can always take the assistance of a professional and ensure that you have a well-crafted raised patio.