Care Tips for Resin Driveways

Care Tips for Resin Driveways

02 Apr 2022

The polyurethane used in resin driveways is one of the most hardwearing and low maintenance materials. It offers many great benefits, including design flexibility, strength, and ease of upkeep. However, “low maintenance” does not mean “no maintenance” at all. Fortunately, looking after a resin-bound surface is easy. In this blog, we’ll take you through the ways you can look after your resin driveway and keep it at its best.

How the resin driveway should be used

Most of the time, we see the resin-bound surface on normal pedestrian or light vehicular traffic areas. They are not designed to withstand abnormal loads and usages. So, protection should be provided wherever possible to protect the severe damage. Heavy vehicles should not be allowed to park on and regularly cross the resin driveway. It will not have any problem with parked cars but you have to be careful not to damage it.

Prevent tire marks

To prevent tire marks on the driveway avoid turning the steering wheel while your car is stationary on the surface. Tire marks are not the result of rubber transferring from the tire to the surface; they are the result of the surface being heated by the fraction or residual heat after a long journey.

Routine cleaning

Several potential issues with the resin-bound surface can be prevented by regular cleaning with a stiff broom. It will remove leaves and accumulated debris plus it prevents any moss growth. Hosing down using a standard jet wash is also beneficial to remove other damaging elements.

Remove chewing gum

Chewing gum removal from resin driveway is a real hassle. It looks unpleasant and once hardened, it can also be extremely difficult to remove.  If it can’t be removed with jet-washing and sweeping, spray freezing spray on the gum and try removing it with a wall scraper. Do not use anything edgy to dig beneath the gum as it can damage the surface.

Remove moss and algae

To remove moss and algae, periodical application of a moss and algae killer can help but make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  It will remove the growth and prevent any regrowth.

Remove weeds

The resin driveways are designed to be resistant to weeds. Despite all the care, weeds can be occasionally may appear on the surface. It is the result of windblown seeds. Small weeds can be removed by hand and it does cause any damage to the surface. If they are deep enough, it is advised to kill them with a weed killer. 

Remove cement or concrete marks

There can be times when the resin driveway can be stained with cement or concrete. This can happen due to any kind of construction and maintenance work. You can remove these stains using the diluted hydrochloric acid or proprietary cement remover, followed by a clean water rinse.

Clean oil spills

You should take the utmost care to avoid any oil spillage and spills need to be cleaned immediately. You can clean the oil spillage using a mixture of warm water and mild household detergent. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes and then clean it with a jet wash.

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