Does Moss Grow on Driveways?

10 Oct 2022

Moss grows in almost every driveway, making them slippery and difficult to clean. People consider moss to be a nuisance because it damages driveways poorly. Also, it’s unsightly. The only thing is that there are different ways to identify moss growth on different driveways (tarmac, asphalt, concrete, etc.) and treat them. You don’t have to worry much about moss growth on your driveway. You just have to be a bit extra careful and hire professionals wherever and whenever required. 

In this blog, we will discuss moss growth associated with tarmac driveways 

Tips to identify that you have moss on your tarmac driveway 

  • The first sign, check the color of your tarmac driveway. If it is starting to turn green or has dark spots, it is moss. 
  • The second sign, if your tarmac driveway has become slippery or its cleaning is getting difficult, it is moss on the surface. 

Based on these signs, you should take the action without a delay. You should find solutions to kill moss effectively. We recommend you seek help from professionals for tarmac in Enfield

Ways to treat or kill moss on the tarmac driveways

Use a moss killer– In many hardware stores, you will find a moss killer. You should apply the moss killer using a garden hose or pump sprayer. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions because it’s not safe for plants and animals if used improperly. The use of a mops killer is not a one-time process; you should reapply after heavy rains or prolonged periods of wet weather.

Remove manually- This is a tedious task but very effective to get rid of moss. Professional tarmac cleaners can help you in the manual removal of the moss. To remove the moss manually from the tarmac driveway, you should wet down the moss using a hose or watering can. Then, you should scrub away the moss using a stiff brush. You can even use a putty knife or screwdriver. Last, you should rinse the area with clean water after removing all the moss. 

Use water and bleach solution- You should prepare a solution mixing equal parts of bleach and water in a bucket. You should pour this solution on the mossy area and scrub it using a stiff brush until the moss is loosened. After the moss loosens up, you should hose it away. If the moss stains are tough, you should repeat the process several times. Don’t forget to rinse the area with clean water to remove any residual bleach. 

Pressure wash the moss away– Last and the most effective way to remove moss from your tarmac driveway is pressure washing. This is something that only professionals can do. Pressure washing is the process in which high-pressure water is used to blast the moss away, breaking up its hold on the surface beneath. The pressure of the water also loosens the moss embedded on the surface. Other than this, pressure washing removes any algae or dirt present on the tarmac driveways. 

Driveway means moss growth. You should learn to treat it and extend the life of your driveway.