How to Maintain Your Block Paving Driveways?

How to Maintain Your Block Paving Driveways?

04 Mar 2022

Block paving is a superior choice to install driveways, pathways, and patios in your front and backyard. It offers several benefits over other methods as block pavers are easy to install and maintain. Anyone can create a durable and long-lasting outdoor surface using brick blocks, concrete blocks, or natural stones, depending on their personal preferences and styles.

There are various choices available to install block paving driveways, and you can pick your style that best fits your specific situation. Though they are easy to maintain and clean, they can be problematic if not done properly and regularly. Regular cleaning and sealing can make your old block paving driveways and patios look like a new surface. In some cases, you may need power washing services to get rid of stains, but frequent use of this cleaning method is not recommended as it can destabilize the fixtures and installations.

For easier cleaning and maintenance of block paving surfaces, it is essential that your block paving is installed properly with help of a professional contractor. They ensure proper jointing and finishing after laying each block to make your paving area easy to maintain and repair through DIY methods. Here’re a few ways you can enhance and improve the life of your block paving surface:

  • Clean your block paving with water every week to keep paving areas neat and clean all the time.
  • You can use household detergents to clean chemicals and paint spills on your paving surface easily.
  • Use sealants and coating solutions to enhance the appearance and appeal of your block paving surface.
  • You can use weed killers to remove weeds growing out of the joints and edges to make the entire area clean from unwanted plants. Taking care of weeds is important as they can become a headache if not removed on time.
  • Repairing block paving surfaces are far easier than any other paving installation. All you need is to replace the damaged blocks with the new ones. You can do it easily on your own without any professional help or support. But we will recommend you to hire professional contractors for installation and repair works as they can install and seal the entire area properly.
  • You can use pressure washing services to clean hard-to-remove stains from your surface but not too frequently.
  • After each wash, makes sure to check joints and edges. Re-sand them if needed.

Cleaning and maintenance of your block paving driveways are as straightforward as they could be. If you are looking for installation, repair, cleaning, and maintenance of block paving in Upminster, contact us at Equity Drives for comprehensive and affordable solutions. We can make your block paving strong, durable, and beautiful as per your specific requirements. Give us a call to discuss your needs and get a free quote.