Is block paving great for my driveway?

Is block paving great for my driveway?

11 Jul 2022

The type, condition, and maintenance of your driveway influence the visual appeal of your home. While there are many options you can choose from, block paving might be the one that catches your attention. Block paving is a highly enduring surfacing option and a great choice for creating driveways. Let’s find out why and what other benefits you will enjoy with block paving.

A Brief Introduction to Block Paving

Block paving refers to the surfacing solution that includes the use of blocks to create a beautiful pattern for a patio or driveway. When bricks are used instead of blocks, it is called brick paving. Though the process of installing block paving is straightforward, professional assistance is recommended if you want to make your driveway look professional, more alluring, and last longer as professionals know what mistakes can reduce the life of a block paving driveway.

Why Block Paving Is a Nice Option for Driveways?

If you are wondering what makes block paving good for driveways, here are the top reasons that will clear your doubt:

  1. Greater scope for customization

At first, homeowners may think that block pavers are installed only in a vertical/horizontal direction only. However, this is not the case. In fact, when you will search online for unique designs of driveways made of block pavers, you will be intrigued by how pretty your new driveway could be. Block paving is highly versatile and can be customized to create mesmerizing patterns to give a fresh and unique look to your driveways.

  1. No need to get permission

When you choose a surfacing solution that doesn’t allow the water to drain, you need special permission. However, with block paving, you will not need permission because it is eco-friendly and allow the water to drain and reach deeper into the ground. However, it is always good to consult a contractor whether or not you will need permission for any other reasons. As far as the eco-friendliness of block paving is concerned, there is no need to obtain permission from the authorities.

  1. Minimal cleaning and maintenance

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance of block paving driveway, you can rest assured that it doesn’t need heavy cleaning and maintenance. It can be easily cleaned and maintained with simple sweeping and washing with water (and soap). Even if one or a few of the blocks get damaged due to any reason, you can easily replace the broken pavers. You don’t need to replace the adjacent pavers as long as they are in good condition.

  1. Highly enduring and durable

Based on the materials block pavers are composed of, a driveway made of block paving can last for decades. If properly maintained, block paving can last even for a lifetime and endure the harsh elements of weather and the test of time. You can drive it over constantly with no or minimal wear and tear. It can easily endure pedestrian and vehicle traffic that is typical on a residential property. Besides, it is also highly resistant to most chemicals, oils, salts, and frost.

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