Tarmac in Cheshunt

Tarmac v/s Asphalt Driveways: Which Should You Install?

05 Mar 2021

To most of the property owners, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference when it comes to tarmac and asphalt. Both of these driveway surfacing materials are known to be two of the most common and popular options used by property owners and have quite a few similarities. However, apart from the similarities, there are some significant differences as well. Although they almost tend to look exactly the same when installed on the surface, there are some factors that you must keep in mind before deciding on the material you choose for your driveway.

If you are looking for an ideal surfacing solution for your property and are confused between tarmac and asphalt, then you are at the right place. We have compiled a few benefits of both of these surfacing options so that it is easier for you to choose the material that is more suitable to your requirements. Before we get into details, let’s learn what tarmac and asphalt really are.

What is tarmac?

Tarmac, which is short for tarmacadam, is made by mixing or coating a layer of crushed stone with tar. This mixture is then laid on the surface and compacted with the help of a vibrating roller to give a smooth surface. Tarmac in Cheshunt and various other parts of the world, is quite popular among homeowners.

What is asphalt?

Asphalt is considered to be a more modern variation in which tar is replaced by bitumen that is a byproduct of petroleum distillation. As compared to the tarmac driveways, asphalt consists of fewer external materials that make it harder to wear.

Now that we know what tarmac and asphalt are, it is time to take a look at some of the benefits of each of these driveway options.

Advantages of tarmac driveways

  • Fast and easy to install:
    One of the most significant benefits of tarmac driveways is that they are quite easy to install as compared to any other material. They can be laid directly onto existing surfaces, which make tarmac easier to use and install than other surfacing options. So if you wish for a plain and simple driveway, this might be the ideal choice.
  • Durable:
    Another significant benefit is that tarmac is a strong and durable material, making it resilient to heavy vehicles. This is why it is commonly used for roads and driveways. So, if you have a big family, with lots of cars, a Tarmac Driveway would be the perfect driveway solution.

Advantages of asphalt driveways

  • Affordable:
    One of the most appealing benefits of asphalt driveways is that they are quite affordable and cost-effective. It is great for people with a tough budget who also want a durable and strong driveway surfacing option.
  • Low maintenance costs:
    Asphalt driveways are known for their low maintenance costs as well, as they are easily repaired and require the least bit of maintenance. All you need to do is clean your asphalt driveway just a couple of times in an entire year, and that is enough to keep it as good as new.

So, keeping in mind all these benefits of both the driveway options, you should choose the one that best suits your requirements and expectations from your driveway. After all, it is you who has to make the final decision.