Tips to Choosing the Best Color For Your Block Paving Project

Tips to Choosing the Best Color For Your Block Paving Project

26 May 2021

Color is inevitably a key factor when searching for the best block paving project. With plenty of options available, you can narrow down your list by considering the specific requirements of your project.

There are so many things to take into account for choosing the best block paving color, from matching and contrasting stones to practical aspects such as stain resistance. Here, we’ll help you pick the best block paving color for your project.

Among the variety of color options for block paving in Enfield, you need to decide between monotone and multicolor.  

  • Monotone Paving

One-color block paving usually comes in charcoal, grey, and a few other colors. They look crisp and sharp, adding definition and contrast, making them an ideal choice for small details on driveways or patios. Grey and charcoal are popular choices for a driveway because they don’t highlight oil stains, tyre marks, and dirt.

  • Multicolored Paving

Multicolored block paving mixes well with its surroundings. The most common multicolored are brindle (the most used color in the UK) and heather.

  • Mix and Match

If you want to create gorgeous and practical block paved driveways, blend both monotone and multicolored paving. You can also use them to incorporate shapes into the design of your paving.

Here are a few tips for selecting your color of block paving:

  1. Matching Style

Consider matching and contrasting your blocks with other things that define the style of the house. It is better to mix it up with different, complementary colors of paving blocks rather than making it all with the same tone. One of the best things to do is combine monotone for small details and multicolored blocks for large surfaces.

  1. Matching the Environment

Blending with the surroundings is essential for deciding the block paving color. Consider the buildings, walls, gardens, and landscapes. If you can find the color that feels right with these surroundings, choose that color.

It’s better to choose a color that blends well with its immediate surroundings rather than selecting the near-identical one. Similar shades in paving can overwhelm the eyes and create a dull look.

  1. Consider the Lighting

Contrast generally works great, such as selecting dark-colored block paving for a light-colored environment. Keep in mind that lighter-colored blocks will show marks and stains much more than darker-colored ones.

  1. Your Personal Preference

Personal choice is the final consideration for choosing the best color for your block paving project. Evaluate all the points mentioned above, and remember that the final decision will be yours.

In order to choose the best color, you should work with an established block paving service in Enfield. If you want more inspiration for the color of your paving project, take a look at the range of quality paving products from reputable paver.