Top Driveway Designs for Larger Spaces

Top Driveway Designs for Larger Spaces

28 Mar 2022

A driveway is more than simply a location to park your car. It serves as a focal point for your house. Since driveways are in such a prominent spot on any property – typically in front of your home – they are frequently the first thing people notice.

A well-designed driveway helps ensure that your home looks its best, has the most curb appeal, and stands out from the crowd. The most attractive driveway designs make the most of the available size, shape, and area.

Work with a reliable driveway builder if you are looking for driveway design ideas, especially for larger spaces. Here are ideas for large driveways in Enfield that are as practical and beautiful.

  1. A grey paving circular driveway design

Grey is a common driveway pavement colour that complements most brick colours. You can create an eye-catching circle pattern with a driveway design that incorporates a variety of grey tones. Ensure that the driveway height is raised during installation to prevent the possibility of flooding on the major road adjacent to it.

  1. A low-maintenance driveway with classic cobblestone

Most homeowners prefer a low-maintenance driveway when seeking front yard design ideas. While many people enjoy spending time in their gardens, few individuals enjoy spending time on their driveways.

If you want a low-maintenance driveway, make sure you inform your contractor so they can suggest appropriate designs and supplies.

  1. A wide driveway to complement a large property

A grand home calls for a spectacular driveway. The style and colours you select for your driveway should complement the rest of the house.

Traditional homes benefit from natural stone and materials that mimic it, whereas modern homes benefit from grey paving and contemporary designs.

  1. Artificial grass on a modern driveway

With new build homes, the outdoor area might be a blank canvas, allowing you to create a driveway layout that meets modern life and ideally reflects the house’s decor.

Traditional concrete driveway paving in grey tones can provide a stately entrance. You can create a contemporary look by laying the asphalt in a trendy herringbone pattern. Artificial grass is a common front garden driveway option since it requires no upkeep and looks nice all year.

Is it Costly to Install a Driveway?

When it comes to driveways, the parts you don’t see — the sub-base and ground preparation – account for 80% of the cost, while paving and other materials account for only 20%.

The amount of effort required to prepare the ground, the products you select, and the intricacy of any laying patterns or designs will all have an impact on the cost.

With this in mind, you’ll need to schedule an expert to come out and assess your driveway in order to get an accurate estimate. It’s a good idea to get at least two quotations to compare.

The Bottom Line

A professional installer can assist you with the majority of the decisions you’ll need to make; they can recommend the best driveway design and materials for your home and budget.