What are the Key Decisions To Make In a Driveway Project?

What are the Key Decisions To Make In a Driveway Project?

12 Feb 2021

A well-maintained driveway can set the tone for the rest of your property. It will provide visitors and neighbors alike with a good first impression. Private off-road parking can also lower the insurance premiums and increase vehicle security.

Whether you are revamping, extending, or creating a driveway in Westcliff on Sea, there are a few decisions to make before you begin the project.

Working with Professionals

If you want to create a whole new space, it is better to hire an expert who has experience excavating the ground, ensuring adequate drainage, and creating a long-lasting finish. If you are not sure of your DIY project, all the savings will be swallowed by repairs and maintenance later on. That is why you need the service of professionals because they know how to create long-lasting driveways.

Material to Choose

When considering having a new driveway installed, it is hard to choose the material type.

  1. Concrete

Concrete is a long-lasting driveway material and can be finished in numerous ways.  Although concrete has a long lifespan, staining can be an issue. To prevent this issue, you can concrete block paving. This will deliver the same hardwearing quality but will enable you to replace sections that are damaged as time passes.

  1. Paving

Paving is the best material option if you want an elegant finish. With paving, you can make a statement about yourself and your home. You have the option of classic setts, vintage-style cobbles, or block paving in a wide range of colors, shapes, and patterns.

Quality permeable paving allows excess water to drain away from the ground’s surface, which helps avoid flash flooding and takes the strain off drainage pipes.

  1. Tarmac

Tarmac is usually the ideal option for public, municipal areas because it is the most affordable material. Tarmac performs well in extreme conditions, such as quickly melting the snow and standing up against the sun.

Although the tarmac is less appealing than its counterparts, its lifespan is long, and maintenance is easy. If you are looking for good drainage, you should avoid tarmac as it is not porous and surface water may pool.

The Average Cost of Driveway:

The work required to prepare the ground, the material you select, and the complexity of any laying patterns or designs will affect the cost of driveways in Grays. In order to get an estimate of how much your driveway will cost, you should work with a professional. It is better to get at least two quotes to compare.

The Bottom Line

A professional team can help you work through most decisions; they can also advise on the best design and materials to suit your property and budget.