What are the surface options for Patios in Dartford?

What are the surface options for Patios in Dartford?

27 Oct 2021

There are various surface options available in Dartford for your patio to make your sun-drenched noon more enjoyable with an expertly designed outdoor area. 

A brief history of Patios

The word patio is derived from the Latin word patere. The meaning of patereis “to lie open”. The patio was introduced by Spanish or Spanish-American architects to the world. Patios are usually an open outdoor area but they can also have a permanent or detachable overhead roof.

During the 15th century, square central patios enclosed by galleries and porticos were very prominent in many Spanish houses. 

Concrete patios were widely popular after the second world war and were often decorated with additional materials such as gravel, bluestone, and bricks. 

Even then they knew that the surface material of your patio provides it an extraordinary look and improves the quality of time you spend in the outdoor area. There are various factors that make a difference on the surface option you choose for your patio such as location, space, money, choice, and local construction requirements. 

Following are some common options for your patio’s surface:

  1. Gravel

These are usually not preferred by people as they believe that patios must have a uniform surface. However, this is a cost-effective option and requires minimum effort for maintenance. 

There are various other benefits of installing gravel patios which makes it a good option. Gravel patios are excellent at drainage which eliminates the chances of water pooling. Also, gravel does not allow the growth of weeds and keeps the space clean.

  1. Tiles

This is one of the most popular options for the level of comfort it provides. It is very easy to clean a tile surface and more comfortable than the other options. However, you will need to prepare a base first to install a tile surface for your patio. There are various options available in tiles to make your patio visually appealing. 

The only drawback of tiles is that they are slippery when they get wet which makes them quite unsafe for an open environment. 

  1. Clay bricks

If you want to create a classic patio area then you can pick clay bricks. However, it can be expensive but it is eco-friendly, durable, and gorgeous which makes it worth the cost you pay for it. 

These can be easily installed with or without mortars, just make sure to have a firm alignment. You can create various beautiful patterns with bricks to enhance the beauty of your patio with clay bricks’ surface. 

  1. Pavement 

Pavement is often confused to be concrete. However, the pavement has different options available. Installing a pavement patio can be quick and easy but it requires hiring professionals which makes it a costly method.

Pavement can get cracks during the winters and require some amount of repair. However, it is quite durable and a good option.

  1. Concrete

This can be said to be the most durable option at an affordable cost. These are simpler to maintain than other options as well. 

People often install concrete as a base for their patios and then add decorative material or tiles on them to make them more aesthetic. If you want a simple patio then a concrete surface is a good option. However, these are also prone to freezing and cracks hence requiring repair at times.

You can easily analyze the options and your requirement to choose the best surface option for your patio. However, it is crucial that you find out the best installation service provider for patios in Dartford to get the best returns for your money.