What Should You Know About Block Paving Cleaning and Maintenance?

What Should You Know About Block Paving Cleaning and Maintenance?

13 May 2022

Whether it’s about a driveway, patio, swimming pool deck, or backyard, block paving in Dartford is one of the popular choices for homeowners. And we can say it’s the best because block paving comes with many benefits. It improves or enhances the curb appeal, requires less installation time, and is durable and cost-effective. Other than this, block paving needs less maintenance compared to other paving options. 

We discussed maintenance specifically because many homeowners are worried about the same. They are happy to choose block paving but are concerned if it will be easy to clean and maintain and keep the new look forever. They doubt that block paving is actually easy to maintain or it’s just a myth. 

In this post, we will discuss the simple tips to keep block paving clean and answer some questions related to it. 

Tips for basic cleaning and maintenance of block paving 

As it’s about basic block paving cleaning, you will need some basic household things for the same. And the things are warm water, a bucket, a hard bristled brush, and washing up liquid.

To clean block paving, you should remove all the things from the area. The cleaning area should be completely empty so that you don’t miss any corners. You should mix the washing liquid and warm water in the bucket and start pouring the solution on the block paving. Start from the corners and pour a small part of the solution because the surface might become slippery. After pouring the solution, you should scrub the area using a hard bristled brush. Your objective should be to loosen the dirt settled on block paving. 

At last, you should remove the foam or leftover solution on block paving by throwing fresh water from the bucket or using a garden hose. Make sure the flow of the water is towards the drainage point so that water doesn’t get puddle on the paving. 

Other tips or precautions for block paving cleaning and maintenance 

  • To give an intense clean look to block paving, you should use a power washer. The water jet should be angled at 30 degrees or less and the pressure should be medium. It’s because high pressure can damage the joining materials and you might have to replace the paving. 
  • To remove weed from the block paving joints, you should use a metal scraping tool or a wire brush. This tip is applicable if the amount of weeds is less. If you have a significant amount of weeds, you should use weed killer to block paving. This will kill the weeds in less time and cleaning will become easy. 
  • To clean block paving, you should use natural or gentle cleaning solutions. Some harsh cleaners can damage block paving and reduce its life. Also, you should apply cleaners correctly and in the right quantity.

When should you clean block paving?

Typically, people prefer block paving in warmer months because any excess water dries quickly and they don’t have to endure the cold. We recommend cleaning block paving at the start of the spring so that it looks clean and fresh in the summer. However, there is no such rule for block paving cleaning. Whenever you find it unclean, you should clean it. 

If necessary, you should hire professionals for block paving cleaning.